About Us

Born in İstanbul in 1990, Sumru Textile textile accessories and was established in order to make the production of byproducts. in 1995, he assumed the title of textile manufacturing and Industrial Trade Area Tern company İstanbul/Bağcılar century Tekstilkent production facilities in our activity. Spread all over Turkey nearly 500 domestic and foreign companies our products.

Quality Nonwovens unbraided, and texture-free peva Center quality and reasonable price policy, excellent production quality and short delivery process without compromising the principles of market conditions is based on the philosophy of preserving the charm.

Short delivery time, Tern textile and by-products production in-house for orders delivered in a very short period of time. According to our customers ' requests are made, and the model sample. The future of the 21st century. in the following days we came to the brink of centuries of increasing quality of Textile Tern existing and potential customers will respond to the needs of contemporary and original models will continue to produce.